Sunday, January 20, 2013


Do we ever wonder why people do the things they do?  Do we analyze or question why it's done?  Of course we do, it's human nature, to analyze and to question.

Why do we do the things we do?  Why do we fall in love?   Why do we lie?  Why do we reject someone who loves us?  Questions we ask ourselves in our lives.  But reality is we may never know the  answers to any of  them.  Bottom line we can only speculate.

Lets start with "why do we reject someone who loves us?   The problem we reject is not for the  lack of love, it's for the fear of losing oneself in that love.  But love can be a beautiful thing, if we just give it a chance. 

What is love, many have different meanings of love.  It's the butterflies in your stomach, the  thought of never having to live without that person.  The one person you want to wake up to in the morning and the last one you want to say good night to.  The one that you run to when you need a shoulder to cry on.

Now don't get me wrong, there are many types of love, there is the love for your children, your parents and your friends, the ultimate love for your family.

But true love is what I'm talking about the love for your husband, wife or your partner.

What is love?  It is actually one of  the most difficult questions asked.  No one can truly give the proper definition of love.  Some say love is friendship that sets a fire for others.  Some say love is like luck you have have to go all the way to find it.  And truly no matter how you define it or feel it, love is the truth in human kind.

The quote, that stated, "love is patient, love is kind.  It has no envy nor  it  boasts itself and it is never proud, it rejoices over the evil and it seeks the truth.  Love always protects and preserves and hopes for the positive aspect of life.  It is like the dream of your affection coming true. 

Love can occur between two or more individuals.  It bonds them and connects in a link of intimacy, independence.  It enhances the relationship and comforts  the soul.  Love is an experience not just a feeling.  The depth of this kind of love cannot be measured.

Lets look at the love between a mother and child it is unconditional cannot be measured at all. 

Between husband and wife or partner, can be attained with the magic of love.  It can be created.  We just need to focus on the goodness of the other person.  If one can do this easily then one can also love easily. 

Just let it be known that the meaning of love can change with each different relationship and it depends more on its concept of depth, versatitlity and complexity.

Some say love never exists, because of all the hatred that goes on in this world, but remember love is not responsible for that,  we as humans are.   We have forgotten the true meaning of love.  We are responsible for this hatred and anamosity that goes on in this world.

In the book of psychology there is three components to love:  Intimacy, commitment and passion.  Love also includes compatibility.  But I think that love is more of a journey to the unknown, and one is always afraid of the unknown.

Love can take us to many beautiful and wonderful places.  We just need to feel it within our hearts. 

Maybe the person whom we see in front of us, may be least compatible  than  the person who is miles away.  Ultimately the key is to think about the long term successful relationship, not a short journey.  We need to understand each other and remember that nobody is perfect in this big world of ours.

So I leave you with this, be together, share your joy and sorrow, understand each other, provide space to each other, but always be there for each others needs.  And I know that once this is done love will blossom to strengthen your relationship with anyone that you love.

William Shakespeare said it best:

Love all, trust a few, do wrong to none.              

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